Cherry Blossoms and Coffee and New Adventures

cropped-20150413_105708.jpgWe’ve made it to our new home. Well, almost. We’ve made it to yet another temporary home while we wait to move into our first real house. The walls are very thin, and the family next to us has approximately three children who are very giggly and who apparently like to hit one another quite frequently. According to the mother’s very loud phone conversations, this family is also waiting to move into a house. I hope they find one soon.

I went for a run past our soon-to-be house this morning, and the bradford pear tree in the front yard has bloomed. It’s absolutely beautiful. Yesterday we drove past all sorts of fields teeming with these beautiful trees, not to mention the cherry blossoms. It seems Maryland has quite a bit of beauty to offer. It’s a different kind of beauty than Texas, but it’s already starting to grow on me.

Moving to Maryland was never a part of the plan. We were going to do at least five years in Austin before maybe moving oversees or maybe just moving back home to Dallas. Ironic, isn’t it? We considered another country, but moving to another state never even crossed our Texas-loving minds. For this reason, I wonder with the greatest agony why we felt so compelled to move here. At the same time, I know there is a lot to look forward to both career-wise and as a family.

As positive as my outlook is, don’t believe for one second that I am not mourning the loss of everything wonderful and familiar about Texas. For instance, our one experience with “Mexican food” in the very Caucasian state of Maryland took place at a restaurant called Salsas. Despite its name, salsa was not served at this establishment. Instead, we partook of ketchup with some cilantro thrown in it. (As baffling as this was, I was at least grateful that they has the courtesy to use cilantro.) Also, there is a great lack of local coffee shops. When I asked our realtor if she knew of any, she looked at me like I was crazy and matter-of-factly said there was a Starbucks next door. It’s these little luxuries as well as all the relationships we left behind in Texas that I will miss most.

Luckily, I was able to find one local coffee bean roastery, so here I sit waiting for Tanner to get off work. It’s a quaint little shop with bright yellow walls, a long list of specialty lattes, and a client base of middle-aged women and Airforce pilots. In short, it’s perfect.

So, things are good here. Our new adventure has begun, and we are excited to see what the future holds!


5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms and Coffee and New Adventures

  1. I remember the cherry blossoms in DC the first time I went there on spring break, they are so pretty- softening the landscape of old gray buildings. I’m glad you get to share this adventure with your sweetheart ♡ Thanks for sharing! …and I’m SO GLAD you did not end up overseas!


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