Making Friends and Craving Steak


I ran, took a long walk, worked on the book I’m writing, went shopping, and got a haircut today—all of this to avoid sitting in a hotel room. It’s day five in Maryland, and I really am enjoying myself, but I’m ready to have a house and a job.

So far, it still feels like this relocation is a temporary thing. I’m excited about living here, but I don’t like waiting to feel connected to the community. Thankfully, everyone we have met so far has been incredibly friendly. I shamelessly bared my soul to the lady cutting my hair today, and instead of telling me that I was pathetic and that I should got back to Texas where I have friends and endless opportunities, she filled me in on all the local entertainment, told me where I could go to church, and said that I could always come see her if I need anything. My heart burst a little bit.

Tanner is so excited about his job, and that is what makes this whole move worth it. He’s in the perfect place, so I guess I am too. Starting over is always hard, but I find it to be a great practice in humility. I was pretty stuck up when I was younger. This mostly stemmed from insecurity, but there was quite a bit of pride in me as well. Moving away from everything familiar requires me to forget my insecurity and pride in order to make friends and find a place among an unfamiliar group of people. And that’s always a good thing, I think.

I’m back in the coffee shop with the yellow walls today. I mixed things up and went to Starbucks yesterday, and that was nice, but coming back to this place makes it feel friendly and familiar today. There is an overweight lady at the table in front of me talking to two other people. She’s giving them a rundown of everything she’s eaten in the past 24 hours, and they are telling her what she did right and wrong. They are also explaining how she should be eating and exercising to meet her goals, and they just took her measurements right in the middle of the room. Besides the fact that they are meeting in a coffee shop with fattening lattes and pastries all around, I’m incredibly baffled by the fact that these two “weight loss consultants” are themselves overweight. How does that work? Can I apply for their job?

Earlier today (gosh, I’ve been here for a long time) I eavesdropped on a group of young women talking about their kids and pregnancies. They discussed pregnancy symptoms, the best schools in the area, and other child-related topics. I thought about jumping in and introducing myself, but I was afraid they would shun me if they found out I am childless. Besides that, I figured we wouldn’t get along great today because they were all eating dainty salads and all I’ve been able to think about is a big juicy steak.

It’s nearing that time of day when Tanner picks me, and I can’t wait. The group of ladies sitting beside me now just began a unison spoken prayer, so I think it’s officially time for me to leave. Not that there is anything wrong with praying together out loud, but I am just anxious at this point to sit down and have a conversation with someone instead of listening to the random bits of information coming from others around me.

Like I said, I need to make some friends.


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