Beautiful Details

20150418_124414I think it will be a vanilla latte today. Last week I drank black coffee every afternoon, but it’s a new week, and I could use a new flavor to go along with it. Our cars will be delivered tomorrow, which means I won’t be stuck at either the hotel or the coffee shop. On top of that, we’re hopeful that we will be able to close on our house soon. I’m breathing a sigh of relief that the end of this extended hotel stay is in sight because I’m very much ready to be in a place I can call my own soon.

20150418_120938This weekend was a nice break from the confines of the hotel room/coffee shop. Tanner and I ventured a few miles down the road to an Amish farmer’s market where there were beautiful flowers and fresh breads and pickled things. From there we wandered into a public library and then back outside onto a sunny trail. The trail led us to a historic natural spring that claimed healing powers but that forbade us drink from it. So, Tanner washed his hands instead.20150418_121000 (1)

On the property of the natural healing spring, we came across a beautiful blooming tree that I just had to climb into. Tanner snapped a few photos, we watched the blossoms float in the wind, and then we walked on. Coming next to a gorgeous church, we soaked in the reds, greens, purples, and yellows that saturated the surrounding fields. I’m pretty sure we were both dumbstruck and unable even to speak. It was so beautiful and peaceful, and it’s a rest we’ve both needed for quite some time.20150418_121708

20150418_122345We ended our perfect day outside with a perfect evening indoors. Pizza, Nintendo 64, and pajamas—need I say more? To explain why these things made the perfect night for me, maybe I do. You see, the pizza shop we visited looked a lot like the ones my dad owned when I was growing up. We walked in and it had that old grease and burned crust smell that every pizza shop should have. We played Super Mario on the Nintendo 64, which is the game I used to watch my sisters play when we were little. And, strangely enough, Tanner made me feel right at home after a week of feeling a bit homesick. I don’t think he even realized how much I needed these simple, familiar comforts, but it was the best medicine.

20150418_122802So, we come to Monday. Tanner is back at work, and here I sit at this back-corner table in the coffee shop, writing this blog and planning my next move. The last few sips of my latte have chilled to room temperature, and I love that the couple sitting two tables away is eating their dessert before their meal. I’ve known these truths for a while, but they have never seemed more real to me than they do in this moment as I reflect on the past weekend and observe my present circumstances: time is short, and beauty is found in the little details.


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