Laundry Day

Today was laundry day. The pile of dirty clothes that has been diligently growing in the corner of the closet was finally washed, which means I can walk out of the hotel in something other than my black shorts and a “Texas Is My Home” T-shirt. I don’t normally put off doing laundry, unless I’m excessively busy with work, because I love this particular chore. The only thing that caused me to neglect such a beloved task this week was my lack of quarters for the coin-operated machine and my clothing options being limited to pajamas and some shorty shorts.

2015-04-29_17.58.03Speaking of shorty shorts, I went to Panera Bread today in my Texas T-shirt and black shorts. It was packed with middle-aged men and women in business suits and pencil skirts. Again, I was in a T-shirt and shorts. Oh, yeah, and I was sporting a messy bun. (From what I can tell, well-to-do women in Maryland always wear their hair down and fixed.) Oops.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if anyone would care about my appearance, and I hoped they wouldn’t notice my presence, Lord willing. Well, they did. I saw the stares, and I became increasingly aware of my unprofessional attire and of the hair on my unshaven legs. To keep myself from feeling so ashamed, I pretended to be younger and more naïve than I am. In doing so, I averted my eyes and stared intently at my phone and ordered a grilled cheese sandwich because nothing says innocence like a grilled cheese.

My sandwich was delicious and the professional people eventually went back to their cubicles, so lunch ended well for me. All in all, I learned two valuable lessons from laundry day: 1) Don’t run out of jeans again if you want to go out in public at lunchtime. 2) Keep wearing a messy bun because that makes you a rebel in Maryland.

To be fair, not every experience has been like mine today. I’ve met so many wonderful and friendly people. Tanner and I went to a church last Sunday that we really like, and we have already made a few friends through it. To top it all off, I found a cafe right by the river where I can drink green tea and enjoy the fact that I have nowhere to be and nothing to do…for now.

Life is good, as my husband keeps saying. And I’m glad that’s the case right now while we’re virtually homeless because when we officially get settled in our new home I can only imagine how much better this crazy adventure will become.




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