New Chapters

Well, we’re officially closing on our house tomorrow. This will end our extended stay in a hotel and hopefully that means we will be eating something other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day. I can honestly say the hotel has not been so bad, but you might need to gauge that against the number of times I’ve complained about it to friends and family.

My time living in a hotel has looked much different from Tanner’s. While he goes to work every day, I stay in bed. While he’s sitting at a desk, I’m sitting in a coffee shop. While he’s interacting with his co-workers, I may or may not be having a Hobbit movie marathon for the fifth consecutive time. All in all, my life will be more productive when we have all of our things back. There will be curtains to hang, dishes to wash, and tools with which to work on DIY projects.

2015-05-14 13.57.56To make up for our lack of anything to do at the hotel during the weekend, Tanner and I have been popping over to different cities whenever we get a chance. Last Friday we ventured into Annapolis for food, shopping, and aimless wanderings. We started off at a mall, where we spent hours looking at home furnishings in Crate & Barrel. From there we found the closest thing to a Chuy’s Tex Mex that this area has to offer. Ironically, the restaurant was called Chevy’s Fresh Mex. Then, after a brief shopping spree at Barnes & Noble, we went to the capitol building and found a shady spot where we could read. Tanner’s literary selection for the day was The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which he is finding to be uncontainably funny. I chose Wuthering Heights, which is an intriguing though rather depressing read.20150508_160515 (1)

We spent a couple hours under some trees on a local university campus just pretending we were college students busy with our studies, and it was nice to really get lost in a book for the first time in a while. I have to be careful with books because if I find one I really like, then I won’t put it down for anything or20150508_160619 anyone. And, although I really like Wuthering Heights, I also happen to really like telling Tanner all about how fascinating I think the Bronte sisters are. Therefore, I don’t believe he has felt any neglect. In any case, he’s been very absorbed in that book of his, and this is good news for me because he has claimed on more than one occasion to have never finished an entire book. I hope this trend continues into the new house. I think Tanner is already perfect, but He might be even more so if I succeed at turning him into a book lover and a coffee drinker!20150508_161323

So, it looks like this is the close of one chapter for us and the start of a new one. (Do you see what I did there?) We’ll have a house soon. I’ll have more options for entertaining myself as I wait for that perfect job. And, Lord willing, our daily menu will grow to include categories of food other than nut butters and cold cuts. Life is chugging along, and we’re enjoying every stop along the way.


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