Empty House, Endless Possibilities

Hi, my name is Layce Smith, and I am a home owner.

I never dreamed I would write that sentence. This is due largely in part to the fact that I planned to be a journalist and live under a bridge for the majority of my teen years. I’m not sure why I chose a bridge, but I think it’s because I never saw myself making enough to support any sort of luxurious lifestyle. And, for those of you who don’t realize how good you’ve got it, owning a dwelling with walls and a roof and everything is pretty dadgum luxurious.20150517_193637

Our little blue house (or is it green?) is perfect. It’s on a quiet street and has a wooden gate and rose bushes, two bedrooms and a loft. Perhaps it’s the epitome of quaint. Whatever you might call it, Tanner and I absolutely adore it because it’s ours and we bought it and we’re incredibly proud of that fact. The only thing missing is—well, the majority of our worldly belongings. Unfortunately, our furniture, clothing, dishes, and bedding remains stuck in a storage unit somewhere waiting for a relocation service to bring it to us. It’s a tad bit inconvenient, but we’re making due. Oh, well. An empty house is a bigger house.

20150517_175808This past weekend was devoted to yard work. Being that our new abode was a foreclosure, no one has maintained the yard for quite some time. Tanner and I made a lot of headway, but there is still a lot to do because things were so bad. I mean, there was poison ivy growing in our bushes and a baby maple tree shooting up out of our petunias. Basically, Mother Nature was growing her own mini forest in our yard. Luckily there are such things as lawn mowers, and (to the benefit of my girlish and spoiled self) Tanner knows how to use them.

This week finds us setting up internet and electric, cleaning like crazy, and getting excited over a potential new job opportunity for me that looks very promising. Finding a position that fits my specific skill set in the rural area we are in has been very difficult, so my options have been limited to part-time retail or to somehow finding one of those mythical work-from-home positions that everyone talks about but no one knows how to go about getting. Well, I have now passed three tests and am set to go through a weeklong training for one such position. I won’t go into detail, but it’s a freelance writing/editing job that will allow me to write web-based content for a widely-recognized company.20150515_174254

Because I am such a homebody, I am completely thrilled at this new possible career path. But, don’t worry. While I don’t shun the idea of hermithood, I could still get out and interact with people by working out of a coffee shop from time-to-time. Anyway, I’m not quite there yet, but I hope to get started soon. Inventing new ways to entertain myself during the day has been fun, but I am looking forward to being productive and (more importantly) making money again.

Note: I will most likely post a follow-up blog on the disappointment but lesson learned if this job doesn’t work out, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I have a beautiful empty house to sit in. There are three adorable baby birds in my backyard, I have a bottle of wine in my kitchen, and I am as happy as any one person has a right to be. Blessed. I think that’s the word people are hashtagging to express what I feel right now. #blessed


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