Bacon and Teal

I haven’t seen that spider again since he crawled into my keyboard yesterday. After he did, I promptly smashed every key and opened every program in order to fry the little nasty. I think it’s safe to say he’s either gone or he’s a goner.

IMG_20150528_222023This week has not been good to me. We spent a wonderful weekend in Dallas, but then I came down with some sort of allergic reaction as soon as we got back. After sleeping for fifteen hours on Tuesday, I awoke to red bumps on my legs, a sore throat, and a runny nose—symptoms that I’m still trying to remedy with cortizone cream, Vitamin C, and bacon.

Yes, bacon.

Tanner and I have been eating breakfast for dinner almost every night because it’s 1) cheap and 2) delicious. Tonight’s meal consisted of French toast, fried eggs, and (you guessed it) bacon. Clearly, we’re not on any sort of cleansing diet, but sometimes comfort food is just downright necessary. Such has been the case this week.IMG_20150528_221911

All of our things should be arriving tomorrow, which will be nice. And, as an added bonus, Tanner’s parents will be coming for the weekend. I have the guest bathroom clean and decorated for them, and Tanner is working on painting the guest bedroom tonight. We’re doing one dark teal wall and three light teal walls. So far the dark teal around the window looks fantastic. Any sort of blue color just makes me happy. This one in particular looks like we picked it from among those paint swatches in the shape of Mickey Mouse, and I’ve decided that I’m okay with that.

Our plan is to paint the guest bedroom teal, use white bedding, and have orange and yellow accents. Tanner is planning on making the guest bed, and it is going to be fantastic. It will be a simple, white frame with a multi-colored, wood-pieced headboard. I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

IMG_20150527_103417Despite some setbacks, and some heavy realizations that come with renovating a home, we are making some headway. I mean, we have no baseboards from the entry hall to the living room, but hopefully we will soon. Everything about our move so far has required patience and resourcefulness, so we’re making do and taking on projects one step at a time.

Meanwhile, I have a teal wall that would make Walt Disney proud and a refrigerator full of bacon and eggs because my Nana taught me well.


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