Gummy Cobbler, Haunted Beaches

My dad came to visit this weekend and brought my little sister along as a surprise. I gave them the grand tour of our house, which lasted about five minutes, and then I made spaghetti and meatballs (with homemade-from-scratch tomato sauce) and an inedible and strangely gummy peach/strawberry cobbler. It was peach and strawberry because I didn’t have enough peaches to make a peach cobbler or enough strawberries to make a strawberry cake. This lack of fruit should have been enough to dissuade me from persisting in my dessert-making venture, but I pushed forward like a little Paula Dean wannabe and tried to solve the problem with butter. Well, contrary to my prior belief on this subject, I can now firmly state that more butter is not the answer to all of life’s mishaps.

This morning found me in the living room doing some last-minute work and Tanner in the garage building a bed for the guest room while our guests slept. The irony… Anyway, the bed is finished, and it is perfection.

Side note: One of the many reasons I love Tanner Smith is his ability to build all sorts of things—wood furniture, electronic animals, metal flowers, etc. People ask me quite often how Tanner does the things he does (as if somehow I should know). To the best of my knowledge, and based on my observation, Tanner is able to build whatever the heck he dreams up because he sits down and thinks about it until he’s figured out how to do it. It seems too simple, right? I think so. Therefore, my plan B theory is that he’s actually a robot, but more on that later.

Once everyone was awake this morning, we headed down the most haunted road in Maryland to the southernmost tip where we heard tell of a beach. Despite the fact that the beach we found was a former Civil War prison camp where over 5,000 confederate soldiers died, we had a pretty nice time playing volleyball, dipping our toes in the water, and convincing Londyn to put her selfie stick down so Tanner could bury her in the sand.

When we got back, dad grilled us steaks (as any decent human being would do for another after a long day at the beach), and I redeemed my former confectionery monstrosity with a batch of perfectly baked snickerdoodles.

All in all, this visit from my dad and little sister has been top notch so far. In the midst of eating and swimming and making sure there are enough clean towels, Dad and I have spent time talking about religion and family history, and Londyn and I have gone running and watched Disney movies and, of course, taken tons of selfies. During these precious moments, it doesn’t feel like these two are just visiting; it feels like they’re a part of my daily life again. And I love it because I’m not just putting on a show for them; they already know the best and worst parts of me, and they love me enough to eat my nasty gummy cobbler and smile when I admit how bad it is.


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