Our first winter storm has been a rather pleasant one. The snow outside our house is about waist-high, our electricity has not gone out, and we’re sitting comfortably in a 72-degree living room. Granted, the wind is howling, but it doesn’t seem dangerous. In fact, it’s so beautiful that I’ve spent a good deal of the day trying to convince Tanner to dress up like Elsa and go outside so I can film him singing “Let it Go”.


Yesterday, after about 10 minutes of vigorous sledding (on Tanner’s part) followed by another 30 minutes of whining about the cold (that was me), we came inside and did P90X. An impromptu 80’s dance party acted as our cool down. This continued for a while because Pandora radio plays only the best songs, and we simply couldn’t decide which one to end on. Luckily, I was struck by a slight case of calf cramps, so we finally stopped dancing and ate dinner.


Tanner said the wind was very loud last night. I didn’t hear because I’ve started sleeping with earplugs in order to combat insomnia, which I’m pretty sure has come about by my drinking coffee all day and night and being overcome by uncontrollable bouts of anxiety from time to time—but, that’s a different story. In any case, it sounded like our house would be lost to the snows, but I suppose any fears were just the result of this being our first time to weather a blizzard.

Nevertheless, to celebrate our victory in surviving the night, Tanner and I decided to make doughnuts this morning. (Also, we couldn’t drive to the doughnut store.) I got a couple grease burns, and the kitchen was left a mess, but the doughnuts came out about as good as any deep-fried pastry covered in sugary glaze can be expected to.

IMG_20160123_140040 (1).jpg

I think it goes without saying that we are doing just fine. We’re staying warm, we’re finding ways to entertain ourselves, and we’re storing up as much fat as possible in case the snow continues longer than expected. For now, I have no qualms with a continued winter storm, and I will only be singing a different tune if this flurry decides to rob me of my coffeemaker and Lost reruns on Netflix.


One thought on “Blizzarding

  1. I love the dancing and I’m loving seeing you two enjoying your adventures in Maryland! The doughnuts look amazing Tanner looks like he was an efficient replacement for a sled-dog. Layce, you could be Elsa singing “Let it Go”- I’m sure Tanner would love capturing that on video for us to see!

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