My Water and Sunlight

Today was the first actual warm day I’ve felt in a long time. It was the first day that the heat of the sun wasn’t carried away by a chilly breeze before it touched my skin. Initially I was confused because I forgot what warm feels like. I was almost offended at the humidity in the air, but after my hair frizzed and I began to sweat for no apparent reason, a familiar feeling came over me. It was as though I were with an old friend—the kind of friend who gives you a tight, sweaty hug, and you feel uncomfortable at first, but then you give in to it and find the experience to be quite enjoyable.

Our little plants seem to share my love of this sweaty-friend-hug weather. Tanner and I thought we had lost a good deal of them after a late freeze snuck in and caught us all off guard, but plants are resilient little things, and even the ones that were shriveled and bare have begun to show signs of new life already. Watching our plants get bigger and stronger every day is amazing to me. I used to imagine what it would be like to live only on water and sunlight the way plants do. Of course, I realize there are nutrients in the soil that also factor in. Even so, making glucose from some air, water, and sunlight is a pretty simple recipe that yields incredible results.

Speaking of recipes…

One of the reasons I haven’t been as consistent on this blog as I usually am is because I’ve started writing a food blog. As it turns out, food blogs are a lot of work if you are really trying to make them great. It’s almost like a full-time job—almost. I’ll spend a full 8 hours in the kitchen some days, and other days I will just write a quick blog about whatever I decide to cook for dinner that night. Though it’s not fun and easy every day, I really do enjoy sharing my recipes and encouraging people to stay home and make use of the kitchens they are likely paying thousands of dollars to have.

The way I see it, cooking in our kitchens is one small way that we can eliminate waste in our spending and be sure that we don’t take for granted the blessings that we have been given. Maybe that thought is stretching too far or attempting to make my own little venture grander than it actually is, but it keeps me motivated in my efforts and makes me feel like a better person overall.

So, yeah. Yay me.

Besides gardening and cooking up a storm, Tanner and I are not up to much these days. Our home renovation is trudging along like a whiny child in the grocery store, but we’re getting little things done here and there.

In all honesty, we’re not in too big of a hurry to make changes because we’re too busy enjoying the heck out of our house. Nearly every day after Tanner gets off work, we both go outside to look at our baby plants. Then we just stare across our yard before looking at each other and saying again and again that we can’t believe it’s ours. I don’t know why it delights us so much to possess and care for this tiny piece of the world, but it does. We love every blade of grass and every little bunny that eats said grass. Perhaps this makes us seem materialistic, but I see it more as a deep-set appreciation for the hands that built the house, the land the house sits on, the jobs that bought it for us, and the one who created and provided it all.

Acknowledgement and appreciation of the good, nourishing things in life are my water and sunlight. They allow me to take in the people I am interacting with, the places I am spending time in, and the experiences I am having every day, and they allow me to convert all of that energy into joy and love and peace. It’s as simple a recipe as plants follow for a healthy life. And, while the processes necessary for growing and thriving go far beyond two simple ingredients, it’s those two simple ingredients that set everything else in motion.

So Tanner and I are going to continue to enjoy our house, and I am going to keep writing my food blog and watching happily as my hair frizzes and my plants grow outside in the warm, humid air. And we will let our home renovation throw its little fit in the middle of the grocery store because eventually we’ll just threaten it with no dessert after dinner, and then it will likely get its act together real quick.


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