Hightailing It

Well, Ireland was amazing, and you probably already know that if we’re Facebook friends because I’ve bombarded you with pictures and videos and short stories of our adventure. Now that it’s all over and we’re settled back into our little house in Maryland, Tanner and I have more exciting news to share: we’re moving back to Texas! The DFW area, to be vaguely exact.

Yep. It’s been barely over a year and we’re packing our bags (as well as our whole house) and hightailing it back to the Lone Star State. That’s no exaggeration either. We will be moving in early July, which is three weeks from now, and that is ridiculously fast.

This news isn’t news to some, so I’m sorry if the shock factor isn’t there for you. Nevertheless, let me tell you my thoughts on the whole matter.

First of all, I’m sad to leave Maryland. We’ve made great friends here, and I’m absolutely in love with our house. Furthermore, I feel like we’ve grown so much individually and as a couple. Being so far from the families we both adore has taught us how to be one another’s family in a way that we never really had to learn in Texas. The fact that we’ve gained so much in this place makes it hard to leave even though we have so much to look forward to.

And speaking of what we have to look forward to….

I think it goes without saying what we are most excited to go back to Texas for, but I’ll say it anyway: Tex-Mex. Sure, we’ve made a big fuss about eating at home and growing our own food and other things of that sort. But, when given the option to go out to eat some real enchiladas, fajitas, and (most importantly) chips and salsa, we’ll drop any dietary convictions and we will tear that stuff apart. (At least for the first few weeks that we’re back.)

Coming in a very close second on the list of things we’re excited to get back to in Texas are our families and other friends we left behind. That really should go without saying.

So, it’s bittersweet to leave, but overall we’re very happy and optimistic about a new future in a familiar place.



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